Stephens College – Equestrian Studies Program

Stephens College is a women’s college proudly located in Columbia, Mo.  and is the second-oldest women’s college in the country. Stephens College offers 5 different disciplines of riding.

Each year SASHA continues to raise money for a designated charity. Our designated charity for our 2016 show will be the Equestrian Studies Program at Stephens College.  SASHA is committed to donating at least ten percent (10%) of funds received through contributions to Stephens College.




Saddlebred Rescue

SASHA has been a loyal supporter of the Saddlebred Rescue and will designated funds to this nonprofit organization as well. Saddlebred Rescue assists in the placement and care of abused and neglected horses.

Saddlebred Rescue Inc.
New Jersey site is located at North Wind Stables which is a nationally known Saddlebred show facility which has many world and national title holders in residence. Mark and Nealia McCracken own this 40 acre facility and decided it was time to give back to the breed that Nealia has loved all her life and that brought them together. The result was Saddlebred Rescue Inc and North Wind Stables sharing the facility. You can find more information about North Wind Stables at $5 from every SASHA membership goes to Saddlebred Rescue.

Click to read a letter from Saddlebred Rescue Inc.